Below explains ranks for each of the groups of E-Tech (main, Security, OTAE).

E-Tech MainEdit

// Supporter - Obtained by simply joining the group

// Customer - People whom E-Tech is making weapons for

// Honored Customer - Close friend/allie, who is also a Customer

// Security - Obtained by being accepted into the Security Force

// Headquarter Employee (OLD) - Those who work at a building at the E-Tech HQ

// Sponsor (OLD) - People who sponsor the company in any way

// Engineer - Employee who works with troubleshooting of a malfunctioned weapon. Must have experience with scripting and/or building

// Designer - Employees who design what the next weapon we make will look like. They may do this through graphic designs, Google Sketchup, drawing, etc.

// Developer - Employees who help create the actual weapon. Must have experience with scripting and/or building.

// Security Commander - Leader of the Security Force

// OTAE Member - Teacher of OTAE (teachers do not have to be an Engineer, Designer, or Developer).

// COO - 2iC, and leader of OTAE.

// CEO - Leader and founder of E-Tech (ElliotM01).

Security ForceEdit

// Security - Normal member of Security. Must have their application accepted.

// Medic - Those who heal fellow Security members when a healing station is not in sight. Only they are allowed to handle the medic classes of weapons.

// Commando - Experienced member who handles the heavier classes of weapons (such as the Striker Riot Class, or mechs in the future).

// Officer - Leaders of the Security.

// Commander - Main leader of Security.

// CEO - Leader and founder of E-Tech (ElliotM01).

Office of Teachings and Education (OTAE)Edit

// Pending... - Those who are waiting to be reviewed. Obtained by simply joining the group.

// Student - Those who wish to be teached in the group.

// Graduated - Those who have completed their training.

// Teaching Officer - Teachers of OTAE, regular members.

// COO - 2iC of E-Tech and leader of OTAE

// CEO - Leader and founder of E-Tech (ElliotM01).

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