In this guide, you will learn about the Office of Teahings and Education (OTAE) training, and what we learn about throughout the days (7 days - one week). No specific dates for these sessions, and some may have to be rescheduled. Keep that in mind.

NOTE: Security members do NOT have to go through OTAE training, only new employees and anyone who just wants to learn. If you are in Security, and you want to learn, that's ok. But they are not required to, as they train combat seperately.

Day 1 - TourEdit

On day one, it is a fresh start for the students at OTAE. On this day, you take a tour at the Headquarters, learning about each building, and what their role is. Nothing too much going on this day.

Day 2 - Order and DisciplineEdit

Although we allow faces and some goofing around with others, we also expect you to be disciplined. Because in a dire situation, and you're ordered to get to the Headquarter Building but you're too busy trolling, that could lead to the invaders taking over, ruining the HQ. We don't want this to happen, so that makes day two a very important session.

Day 3 - CommunicationEdit

In E-Tech, we want no arguments or tension between people. We are all united as a company, and blossom into a family. On day three, you learn to communicate with each other, to prevent arguments from happening, but to also help each other out in a time of attack or any other crazy thing that may happen at the Headquarters.

Day 4 - Code Green, Yellow, and RedEdit

On day four, you go through simulations on what to do during the three Codes: Green, Yellow, and Red. These buttons are to be accessed by authorized personnel, and are guarded by Security 24/7. But, you'll learn about that in the training.

Day 5 - SurvivalEdit

Lets say you're just strolling through the Headquarters, and then a Code Red suddenly goes off. What do you do? On day five, you'll learn what to do if you're by yourself in a bad situation. Roleplay and some combat is used on day four. You learn how to handle a pistol, and basically not get yourself killed if hostiles are around.

Day 6 - Working at the HeadquartersEdit

On day six, you learn about what your role is if you're working at one of the buildings in the HQ. Such buildings to work at include: World Trade Center, Offices for OTAE/Security, Factory, Mainframe, Battery Core, Medical Center, Main Headquarter Building, etc. Having a job at the headquarters is a big responsibility, and we plan on making that very clear.

Day 7 - Final TestEdit

You've learned everything you need to know, if not some extra from your instructor. Now it's time to show us that you've been listening. On day seven, you're instructor will ask you a series of questions about what you've learned. There even may be some simulations. If you complete it, you're graduated and get to do what you came to training for, whether it be working as a Designer, Developer, or Engineer, or working at the Headquarters. It may even simply just be that you already have a job, or you don't, but you wanted to learn more.

Welcome to E-Tech. We're happy to have you.

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